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Hey guys, how’s it going? Welcome back to another video and today’s video is all about five tips on how to shoot your best IPhone photos ever this also applies to other phones as well. However, there is one tip that is unique to iPhones We are in Banff National Park right now And today we’re doing a video 5 tips to make your iPhone photography much better.

And today we’re with this this And today I’m with Lisa I haven’t seen Lisa in like 16 years. Sorry, we went to high school together and turned off. She was out in Banff. She’s like, hey, let’s go hiking Let’s do something L might well, why not? Hey, hey, you want to be in a video and decided? Yes I’ll help you with the video. So here we are doing five tips to make your phone and photography better Well, let’s get into the video Tip number one and its most basic yet important and it’s not really a tip It’s more like the fundamentals the elements and principles of photography in short Photography is light Photographers are always chasing light and talking about like where it’s going what it’s doing, etc, etc

The best lighting of course is at sunrise and sunset It’s the softest for portraits and it has the best colors and shadows for landscapes Always keep the light in mind and see how it affects your image Another principle and it’s probably oldest one of the books and that is the rule of thirds This rule is all about balancing the elements of the photo into thirds and placing your interest or subject where the lines intersect however The moment this rule is understood then it can be broken for example on a vertical Photograph placing the subject in the center of the photograph is still very aesthetic Next look for leading lines.

These can both be natural or unnatural They can guide your eyes to the subject or to the interest in the photograph Balancing your photograph through lines of symmetry is another great element of iphone photography a great way to achieve This look is by using reflections off of water or windows or reflective surfaces Try your best to isolate the subject on a smooth background so they don’t get lost in the photograph. For example Look at this photo from Mirror Lake and bam and you’ll see that the subject is on a smooth background Not getting lost in the photograph You’re just going to bend down and then stand up abruptly to get those ripples.

Okay, here we go. Yeah that they are Awesome wait There are more elements of iphone photography however these are some of the most important ones so keep them in mind when you’re framing your Photographs and you will be taking some excellent images that you’ll be proud of tip number two And that is action photography for this type of photography We want to be catching fast-moving subjects by using the burst mode on our phone So all we need to do is press and hold the button on the camera app and it shoots ten photos per second That was 50 Right now you can see the water is super super calm right reflection You can see right through the water just gonna do a dive right in and I’m gonna click and hold the camera foam Hands me up the burst shots Tip number three use accessories Here I am using the fisheye lens from San Marc in two different scenarios in the first situation Lisa cannot get any further away from me without standing in the water So she uses extra width that the fisheye provides also She’s trying to isolate me in the sky so I don’t get lost in the background This means she needs to get low close and shoot upward at the subject Being me the fisheye allows her to capture all of the subject in the frame and not cut off any limbs In the second scenario We’re at a waterfall and there’s almost no room for the photographer to stand and get the waterfall in the subject in the shot So again, the fisheye lens came in handy here Right, it’s a little noisy right now, but we are in a super tight space which requires the fisheye lens for the iPhone There’s no other option as you can look around here.


We only have that fucking And a really really tight so luckily Like this side the steep drop so luckily we have the lens to put on and then we can grab the whole scenario So another amazing thing about this lens is makes for some great vertical videos or or insta stories to get all your surroundings Lake Louise Mirror Lake You can kind of get everything in the shot Tip number four and I love this tip. This was actually released in iOS 11 However still so many people don’t know about it. It’s long exposure iPhone photography This is the tip that is unique to only two iPhones because iPhones have live photos

So a process that was tedious and took a long time is now something so simple All you need to do is take a live photo then swipe up on the photo and select long exposure voila It’s just that easy. Okay, I DSLR is still much better than this However, this is a phone tutorial after all and it’s quick and easy Alright that brings us to our final tip number five Ensure you touch up your photos on the most powerful editing software on the market and that is Adobe Lightroom Mobile begin your edits by cropping and straightening your photo 4 by 5 if you want to export to Instagram or 9 by 16 if you want a new wallpaper or even Instagram stories First adjust the exposure then bring down the highlights and lift the shadows to recover the most details in your shot Next up adjust your colors so you can warm up or cool down a photo by adjusting the temperature or the white balance by raising the vibrance you can boost all the colors in the photos without Affecting the skin tones such a powerful and great tool next we can get into a lot more powerful techniques by selecting that mix button We can adjust individual colors on the HSL sliders hue saturation and luminance Next you can adjust the details of the photos by adjusting the texture clarity and D haze tools these tools Contrast the mid-tones in the photos and typically bring out more detail in your shots However, sliding the clarity and texture to the left gives you that more dreamy and glowy type feel If you’re interested in learning in depth the HSL slider tone curve camera calibrations

Then you could consider purchasing my presets. The link is in the description I’ll show you now some of the before-and-afters of the presets that I use just with one single click All of these presets are great for mobile And you can learn how I got those looks By going through all of my settings and figure out the sliders that I use to get the looks Alright that wraps it up for this video I hope it helped if it did be sure to check out my other camera tutorials and editing tutorials here on YouTube I’ve got a lot of them and if you don’t mind give this video a like in a comment Consider subscribing if you aren’t already and we’ll catch you in the next one.


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