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Hello friends I am Deepak Gupta and you are most welcome to my youtube channel Xtreme Moto We will discuss today on Best time to visit Ladakh by car or bike To know more keep watching my youtube channel and Subscribe. Ladakh is a dream for many and many of them want to visit ladakh atleast one time And the beauty of Ladakh attracts everybody to visit the place Whether it Photographer, Traveller or Motorcyclist You can enjoy every thing in a 15 day Roadtrip You can get to see snowfall, Desert storm and rain too in this short time of travel. And you can enjoy the pristine beauty in form of many rivers, Waterfalls, mountains and high passes. Ladakh trip is very adventurous if you do it by road Our main topic today is best time to visit ladakh The window of ladakh opens for 6 months from May to October After that high mountain passes gets heavy snow and the roads to Ladakh get closed We have divided it into 4 categories First is May June July, 2nd is August, Third is Sep October and last is Nov to April. let’s discuss in detail Let’s discuss our first category Srinagar-Leh highway often gets open in mid-April and post that you can travel to ladakh If you starts your trip in first 15 days of May you will get to see 20-30 feet high snow walls on both sides Which is a spectacular sight to view But there is a one risk if you start your travel in first 15 days of May The risk is Leh-Manali highway might not be opened so, you have to come back via same route I am going to tell you now the perfect time to visit ladakh If you start your trip from Srinagar- Leh highway in last week of May it will be an excellent decision Let me tell you this point wise The first point is ..Manali- Leh highway opens in the first week of June, as a result, you can do a full circuit 2 nd point is if you travel this time, there is very less traffic on both highways, as a result, you can enjoy more 3rd Point is will get hell lot of snow to see at this time you can witness the all white snow on mountains And the view at this are more than beautiful i can describe 4th point is ..You will get to see frozen lakes and High mountain pass Baralach la with amazing views And when you go through 20-30ft snow walls on both sides with your car or motorcycle It’s a experience of lifetime to remember You can get this Adventure only if you start your travel at the end of May This is the best time to start your ride or drive because you will get to see much more Now let’s discuss last 15 days of June and rest of july When the heat starts to go up in June end, Snow starts to melt as results level of water crossing rises It’s a kind of adventure itself to cross those streams at that time And the weather is favourable at this time to travel to ladakh You will get open highways at this time Let’s discuss Agust now August is a monsoon season all over in india Roads to Ladakh can be in bad shape in this month and it is more vulnerable to landslides too. You might face problems and can get stuck in this month Zojilla and Rohtang too get messy if it rains And there are many landslide prone areas I will suggest you to avoid The August as much as possible


Let’s discuss now Sep and October The weather of Ladakh changes in every two months and Ladakh itself changes its color in every two months And winters starts from Sep makes it much cooler than earlier months You can also see the Ladakh festival in the month of Sep in Ladakh It’s a big event and many photographers come to cover this event from all over the world Sep- Oct is a favorite month for photographers Ladakh starts to get fall colors in these months And to witness those colors are always an amazing experience I will suggest you if you are a photographer and love to take photographs you must visit Ladakh in Sep And the roads also gets much better in Sep makes it easy to travel Let’s talk about our last category Nov to April When high mountain passes gets huge snow in winters, Rodas to Ladakh get closed And Ladakh cuts off for six-months with rest of the world You can travel to Ladakh by flight only in winters which is quite expensive And you will face many problems because of low temperature which can dip up to -20 to -30 And there are few travelers who dare to visit Ladakh in these harsh conditions A famous chadar trek being organized in winters which also attracts many trekkers and travellers If you love trekking you can try your hands on one of the most hard trek to do Chadar trek If you want to see the only Ladakh in winters you won’t be disappointed as well Because you will get to see the white world Final conclusion is …Best time to do ladakh trip is May june and July If you can plan in may end it will be a One of the most adventurous trips you will enjoy. I have uploaded a video three days back in which I started my ride in May end Do watch that video and you will get the idea of May end. If you liked the Information and video please do Subscribe my channel If you have any query please write in comment box I will reply as soon as possible See you soon friends…Jai hind

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