Steps & Suggestions for a New Website and App

1. Create a new Gmail I’d

To create a website email is very important. Gmail or email ID are most often used in our personal work. Nowadays government ask for an email ID in every new registration for Bank accounts, PAN cards, Passports and very important Adhar card. Since we use Email Id widely in different sectors we should keep it secret.

Everyone cannot make a website themselves. They need a proper developer so it’s better for privacy and secrecy we should make a new Email Id and give it to developers. So that one can sleep properly at night.

2. Buy Domain

Domain means the name of your website. You can purchase it from GoDaddy or any other hosting company. GoDaddy is the best in its segment. 

Example – 

3. Buy Hosting

Hosting means a place or we can say a computer where our website is stored. It’s very necessary that we buy a good hosting service. 

There are two types of hosting. 

  1.  Web Hosting – for normal use
  2. Cloud Hosting – For heavy-duty use. 

          Initially go for normal hosting.  

          Later on, one can upgrade to cloud hosting.


4. Create a Website through WordPress or Coding

WordPress is an online tool to create a website. One can easily create a website without even knowing to code. It is a very good alternative to coding. You can take free lessons on Youtube.

5. Promotion of a Website

Through advertisements, we can reach larger groups. Most youngsters are very active on the internet. So the internet is the best tool for advertisement. Following are a few suggestions. 

  1. Pamphlets in the Newspapers
  2. Facebook page
  3. Instagram pages
  4. Google Paid ads service
  5. On competition books 
  6. Telegram group
  7. Produce YouTube songs/Advertisements on youtube
  8. Write your own book to give an advertisement


While creating a website we have to keep in mind that it should be ranked on google. For that, it is very necessary to do SEO on the website. To know more about SEO you can refer to youtube. It’s very lengthy to describe here.

7. Submit your website to Google/Yahoo/Yandex

At last, we have to submit our website to the search engines like Google, Yahoo/Microsoft, Yandex and etc. Without submitting to the searching engines it’s impossible to search them online. Every website which comes in a search result, searching them is submitted to the search engines.

So, these is the quick steps to be followed while creating websites. You can choose your developer from FIVERR or any local trustworthy guys. This article is for awareness so that no one would get scammed.

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