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London is located in the South-East of England in the Thames Valley. Home to over eight million people, the capital of the UK has been an importantfinancial, academic and cultural core for hundreds of years. Of the many items England has given to theworld, none has been larger than her language andliterature. And if ever there may be a town that reads likean epic saga, it is London.

The story of London commenced in the Bronze Age, however it did not truely get going till the Romanswithdrew in the fifth century. Growing into one of the exceptional medieval tradingcities, she clearly got here of age in the eleventh century, when William the Conqueror constructed the Towerof London, which was once to come to be one of England’s grimmestprisons.

London is very convenient to navigate around, and is compact ample to discover on foot. This world town is stuffed with iconic symbols, and one of the most without difficulty recognizable isTower Bridge, an spectacular reminder of London’s speedy expansionduring the industrial revolution. Just upriver, at the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben’s reassuring chimes peal throughout thecity each and every hour, on the hour. Buckingham Palace, possibly the most famouspalace in the world, is the legitimate dwelling of Queen Elizabeth. It’s a famous London attraction, offeringtours of staterooms and gardens. Nearby, Kensington Palace is open to the publicyear-round. The palace and gardens will be remembered as the domestic of Princess Di and Prince Charles, and have lately gone through a multimillion-poundrefurbishment.

Another legacy of England’s monarchy are theRoyal Parks of London. They had been as soon as reserved as personal huntinggrounds for the royal family, however currently they’re open for each person toenjoy. There are eight Royal Parks, and many of themare in central London, and shut to royal palaces and different historicmonuments. Green Park and St. James’s Park are rightnext to Buckingham Palace, Admiralty Arch and TheMall. Hyde Park is possibly the most well-known withits man-made lake, The Serpentine, and on the different side, Kensington Gardensis a lovely open expanse that stretches east toward Kensington Palace.

The Albert Memorial is at the southern endof Kensington Gardens, and the hanging bronze statue appears towardsthe Royal Albert Hall simply throughout the road. The corridor is but every other reminder of QueenVictoria’s awesome love for her husband, Prince Albert. Many of London’s biggest tales have begunin her homes of worship, and none is so fantastic and vital asWestminster Abbey. This is the place kings and queens have been crowned,married and even buried. London was once rebuilt after The Great Fire in1666, and St. Paul’s Cathedral is the most enduringmonument to the city’s transformation. It’s a tremendous testomony to British strengthand resilience.

The West End in central London is a storyin itself. Here the streets are lined with historical buildings, however the throngs of humans are out to havefun. By day, the charming boutiques and caf├ęshum with shoppers, and with the aid of night time the bars alongside Carnaby Streetare packed with consumers playing pre-show drinks. This is one of the biggest theater districtsin the world. And at instances it can experience like you are on aMonopoly board, with Coventry Street, Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus all shut by.

Moving away from the ancient center, London’s latest suburbs provide a differentkind of story. The Portobello Road Markets in Notting Hillattract hundreds of visitors, mainly to the antiques markets that’sheld on Saturdays, whilst the edgier Camden Town elements sixpopular markets that are open each day of the week, and function alongside her streets, the canal,and in her historical stables.

London is a metropolis that honors now not solely herown story, however additionally the story of humankind. The British Museum is one of the greatest inthe world, and her treasures cowl heaps of yearsof records and range in the millions. The museum is open each and every day, and exceptional ofall, it is free. From the historical to the modern, The London Eye gives a whole exchange ofpace and perspective.

The big wheel is over four hundred toes high, and takes 30 minutes to whole one rotation. From right here you can see the London of old, as properly as some of the city’s latest additions,all in air-conditioned comfort.

London will usually be a metropolis that appears toward the previous and the future in equal measure. From ‘Rule Britannia’ to ‘Cool Britannia’, the cloth and the skyline of this town isforever turning over a new page. Which is, after all, what each top notch storyshould do.

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