Gratitude a powerful tool to change your life

Gratitude: Suppose We have a slight issue in our relationship with someone. There is always something which isn’t very smooth. There is always a slight misunderstanding. There is always a slight conflict. So we create a line I just cannot…What do we say? I just cannot..? Get along. I just cannot get along with this person. Because of this, energy starts getting created. I cannot get along with this person… I just cannot gel with them. And then we create another line. I don’t know what is their problem with me. No matter what, I do they will always find fault.

The mind starts thinking this way Now we need to take care Where is our every thought reaching? It is reaching them. Suppose I start creating thoughts about the sister here as I don’t say anything to her but I just create thoughts from here. I have no idea why she has a problem with me. I don’t know why she always finds faults with me. No matter how lovingly I speak to her, she always replies rudely to me. I am not saying anything but I am just thinking this way. Will my energy reach her? Will my vibration travel to her? Yes.

After the vibration reaches her, the problem which you had with me, will it reduce? No it won’t reduce. It will increase. So when we know everything We need to work on the solution. If I keep sending her thoughts that she has a problem with me… she has a problem with me My vibration reaches her. Her problem with me will keep increasing.

There will be more conflicts in our relationship. Now we will change the vibration. How many of you have noticed that our state of mind influences plants? We have seen. If you have not seen then do it once. Just keep two plants in your balcony for one month. Water one of the plants very casually. Create thoughts like – Besides other tasks, now I need to water this plant also. Create this thought and water that first plant. Nobody else is bothered, I only need to take care.

Everyday I need to water it. It never happens that somebody else takes the responsibility to water plants Which means you are watering the plant, but what thoughts are you creating? Compulsion, tired of it. What to do? I need to water it. One more task added to my life… While watering the 2nd plant, create thoughts like This plant is so beautiful.

It feels so nice to water this plant. I find so much happiness in serving this plant. Which means there are two plants and both of them are being watered. But while watering, them what kind of vibrations are being radiated to them? Different vibrations to each plant. Do you think there will be a difference? Yes or no? Yes. But both plants were watered isn’t it? You didn’t give less water to one and more to the other. You watered them equally and at the same time.

Then what is making the difference? Our vibrations affect them. If our vibrations can affect plants to this extent Imagine what will be the effect of our vibrations on people. Throughout the day we work so hard for the wellbeing of our children and our family. We spend our whole day looking after them. But often we don’t think right about them. We are working in a very tired state We are doing everything out of helplessness. We don’t feel like doing, yet we need to cook.

I alone need to do, nobody else comes forward. No matter how hard I work, nobody is happy. We are cooking while creating these thoughts. Think about it – if our thoughts affect plants when we are watering them When we are cooking out of helplessness, and then when we feed that food to our family members Will our vibrations affect them or not? It is affecting them throughout the day. And then we say even after I work so hard Although we have all comforts at home Why are my family members not strong, contented, happy, and healthy? The reason is – the negative vibrations we created while working for them.

Vibrations of stress, worry Of sadness and fear We were earning money but we were also worrying at the same time. We were earning in a state of tiredness. We were earning money and buying food out of that money We were nourishing our family with that food. But we were doing all this in a state of tiredness and worry. Today we have created a new word – Work stress Work fatigue. Ask anyone what is the reason of stress in their life. They say it is their job.

Workplace is where we earn our money from. How grateful should we be to it? Don’t you think we should be grateful to it? The money earned from that place is used to nourish our family We need to be so grateful to that place. We need to be so grateful to the people who we work for. But we keep complaining that they are like this, they are like that… What kind of an office is this… I am so helpless… I am not getting a job elsewhere… That is why I am having to work here..

The moment I get another job… I will quit this one the next day. We are working there and we are earning money from there Which means we are watering it but what thoughts are we simultaneously creating? All that money we earned, will come home. We will bring home a lot of money. But it will come home with an energy of Complaints, criticism, competition, comparison Fatigue, stress, fear, When we use this money to fulfill our family’s needs. Then the power that they need to get, they will not get. Let us not water scenes of life with vibrations of helplessness. In order to start thinking right, the first thought in the morning should be of gratitude. Can we start the day with a thank you? We hear people say – Whose face did you see early in the morning? Nothing is going right today. Actually it is not about seeing anyone’s face.

It is about the first thought which the mind creates. First thought of the morning. It is from the first thought, that the second thought is created, and then the third… then the fourth… It goes on throughout the day. For one month, take a pledge and do this accurately That the very first thought as soon as you wake up every morning The first thought as soon as you wake up should be of gratitude. Can you do it? It’s very easy. Whom will we thank with our first thought? God. Beautiful. Which means you not only thanked God but you also remembered God. The moment you remembered God, it is the highest thought. And when you thanked God, it is also the highest thought. But sometimes even when we think of God, we complain to Him. Oh God, all possible problems occur only in my life. In what mood did you write my destiny, that everything is going wrong? So we are remembering the highest power, but thinking the lowest energy thought. And we complain to God. Let’s not do that.

The first thought in the morning should be a thank you to God. There are few problems in everybody’s life. But in everybody’s life, 98% of the things are going perfectly well. Yes or no? Yes. So here we have 98% perfect and here 2% problem. Where should we pay more attention to? If we keep thinking and speaking of the 2% Soul power will decrease. And if soul power starts decreasing 98% will become 95%. But if about the 98% which is going perfectly well If we keep on saying thank you and if we are always grateful to it Soul power keeps increasing And this 2% will reduce to 1%. It is guaranteed and it is a simple equation.

The first thought in the morning is to say thank you to God. Will you do it tomorrow as the first thought? Second thought should be – thank you to our mind and body. Thank you to our beautiful Sanskars. We should not criticize our mind saying My mind cannot focus on one thing, it just cannot stay still, it doesn’t let me concentrate on anything. I say things do I don’t intend to say them. All this is self-criticism. What will you do to soul power? It keeps reducing it. Let’s start saying that my mind creates so many beautiful thoughts throughout the day. It does so many beautiful karmas. This way if we appreciate and be grateful to our mind What happens to its capacity tomorrow? It will increase. So thanks to God, thanks to our mind Next is thank you to the body because it helps us do so much throughout the day.

With our fourth thought, whom should we say thanks to? We need to create 5 thoughts every morning. Gratitude to God, gratitude to the mind, gratitude to the body, Who else should we thank? Thank you to everyone who will come in our circle of interaction throughout the day. The more we keep thanking them They love me, they respect me, they take care of me… Nobody around us can be perfect. But each of them has a lot of good qualities If we keep thanking them We will keep seeing more of their good qualities. But if we keep focusing only their weaknesses They are like this, they do like this, they do like that…

Then we distance ourselves from each other. Because they keep getting negative energy from us. When we are getting negative vibrations from anyone We automatically start distancing ourselves from them. Because we are getting negative energy from there. So thanks to God, thanks to the mind, thanks to the body Thanks to people. People doesn’t refer only to family It includes even the people whom we work with. These days we spend more time at our workplace. Everyone we work with, will have very different ways of working They will be very different. Some people will have Sanskars which are very different from ours. But we need to work with them.

If we keep looking at their mistakes and keep becoming critical inside. They may or may not change. But we will change, for sure. Because our soul power keeps decreasing. Early morning, remember them and thank them also. Because of your cooperation we are able to work together throughout the day. We need to be extremely grateful to our workplace. It is from where money comes to our house. We should never criticize that place. We should never hold our workplace responsible for our stress or fatigue. We should never reject that place.

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Because of our negative thoughts we sometimes reject our work also. Sometimes we think wrongly about our city and reject our city also. We live in that city but we reject it. By doing this what happens to Soul power? It keeps depleting. So if our every morning begins with thoughts of gratitude An attitude of gratitude Everything will remain as it is, nothing will change around us. But who will change? We will change. Why will we change? Because we will start seeing the good in everyone. Because we are being thankful to them. But if we start focusing on their weaknesses

Even if they have 10 good qualities, we cannot see them. So our soul power keeps decreasing. Close your eyes for a minute. Where there is no need to focus, attention should not go there. Otherwise soul power reduces. Let’s do it quickly. Thank you to God. Thank you to the mind and body. Thank you to people. Just think of all the people who live with you at home and office I get so much cooperation from them. Say thank you to them.

Thank you to that workplace where I get to work and earn money. Thank you to the city and country which take care of me. Thank you to all the objects that I use throughout the day. Our life has become comfortable because of those objects. 30 seconds and back. It’s very easy to do. It seems insignificant, but it is very powerful. Because the frequency here and vibration here

We have started to radiate them at a higher energy. We have so much power within us That we can thank even the most difficult situation. People who are very nice to us Those who are very cordial with us. Many thanks to them. But what about people who are not nice to us? We say thank you to the people who are nice to us. But what about people who had just not nice to us? They trouble us everyday. What should we say about them? We should thank them too?

Although they are not right to us, should we thank them? Why should we thank them for not being nice to us? We should have a reason to thank them isn’t it? We need to thank them because It is only because they have come into our life, that our ego reduces Soul power increases

We bend (are emotionally flexible) because of them We keep bending more and more Whether or not they bend It is only because of them that our soul power increases quite a lot. Because of them, we get the power to forgive people. Because of them, we get the power to remain stable in response to other people’s behaviours. We need to thank them, all the more. We need to thank them the most.

You do what you want to. I will respond the right way, so my power keeps increasing. If everyone starts appreciating us We will not even make out when our ego will quietly increase God teaches us a beautiful line To remain stable In criticism and in praise. In victory and in defeat. In happiness and in sorrow. Remain stable in both situations as if both are equal. Criticism and praise How can we remain stable in criticism and praise?

Somebody is criticizing and somebody is praising us. Remaining stable in both situations. In order to practice this We need to first remain stable when somebody is praising us. When someone is appreciating us Whose perspective is he sharing with us? He is telling us – you are very good, you work very well You are very honest, you are very sincere Whose perspective is he sharing with us? Suppose we praise this flower vase. Suppose 5 people stand up and start praising it.

Do you think all of them will appreciate it exactly the same way? They will not say the same things in praise of it. They are talking about the same thing. But all five of them will praise it differently. So when they are praising it What are they reflecting?

They are reflecting their personality, their Sanskar, and their thoughts. Somebody will appreciate the flower pot. Someone will appreciate the trunk. Someone will appreciate the leaves. Another person may criticize it. Yes or no? Yes. What does the person criticizing it, reflect? He is reflecting his thoughts. Do these flowers When they listen to appreciation or criticism Will they bloom more or bloom less accordingly, throughout the day? How do they remain? Stable. Our face blooms sometimes and fades at other times. Again it blooms after sometime and fades after sometime. We need to treat criticism and praise as equal. Just need to remember one thing for it Whatever people say about us.

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They are saying about me But what they are saying Whose state of mind is it reflecting? If somebody says this is very beautiful Someone else says it is extremely, extremely beautiful. Another person says there is no plant more beautiful than this, in the whole world. Whose state of mind are these people reflecting? Theirs. One thing we have to remember Because the mind gets disturbed the most when

When people say something about us Everyday we are getting to hear something about us from them. Someone says it in front of us and someone says it in our absence. Someone can speak ill about us behind your back and spread that news And we keep getting disturbed. Whatever they are saying Let us fit the equation today. Whatever they say about us, whose state of mind is it reflecting? Theirs. So if someone says nice things Whose state of mind are they reflecting?

Theirs. Say thank you to God and thank you to them. They are soul having beautiful Sanskars. They are in a good mood, so they are saying such nice things. So how should we remain when we get appreciation? Stable. Suppose somebody tells us the opposite (criticism) Whose state of mind is he reflecting? His own.

He is in pain and we need to heal him. But if I absorb his opinion And say – He said this about me? How could he say like this about me? As soon as I say this line After that, his state of mind was the way it was. Whose state of mind gets disturbed now? My mind gets disturbed.

Have we thought about it? That we are the same person. Some people like us a lot. Some people just don’t like us. Some people say I can spend my whole life with you. And someone else will say I cannot live with this person even for 1 minute. But we are the same, isn’t it? We are not different to different people. One person likes me a lot and other just does not like me. What are both of them reflecting? They are reflecting their state of mind Their Sanskar Their nature. Their choices. We need to listen. If there is a feedback, we need to take it. But in criticism and in praise We need to remain the same (stable) on getting them. 


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