BK Shivani – 3 Lifestyle Changes To Be Happy

Today let us finalize that every morning, we will fix one hour for ourselves to change our lifestyle. Can we take out one hour for ourselves? Every morning before we head out of the house  We charge a lot of things days And we ensure that each gadget is fully charged. Because of how much we use them throughout the day. We charge our phone, laptop, dongle, Power Bank  Because that power bank can charge our gadgets later in the day.

We charge everything else and then leave the house. But the person who will use all these things – that person is not charged. But we ensure all the gadgets are charged. We don’t charge the person who uses them. Before charging them, charge yourself. We believe that our life cannot run smoothly without gadgets.

There will be days when gadgets do not work. When there are heavy rains in the city, your phones don’t work that day. We will not be able to connect with our loved ones. How do we know what are the situations we will face in future? Even if gadgets don’t work, this needs to be fine. If this is fine how will we cross every situation? Even without using a phone, we can send them a message that we are fine. Can you send the messages that way or not? But we don’t use our power at all. We keep looking at our phone and complain that it is not working.

Sit in silence for a minute, connect to God Think of your family and say – I am fine. Do not worry. They will get your message whenever they are. They will say – He is absolutely fine. I can feel that he is doing fine. Because they received the message sent Using soul power. It is nice to use gadgets. But we should not become slaves to gadgets. When the wheel on the Internet page keeps cycling (due to slow connection/buffering)   Our state of mind keeps circling because we anxiously think – It’s not working… it’s not working…

Don’t become slaves of gadgets, just use them. We need to control the gadget. Today gadgets are controlling us. If gadgets are controlling us, situations are controlling us, people’s behaviours are controlling us Our life will not be in our hands. To think right irrespective of whether the gadget is working or not.  Whether the situation is right or not.  To energize the mind  So can we allocate one hour for ourselves every morning? Yes. Why is the response so cold? You must be thinking – one whole hour early in the morning? When just getting ready and leaving for work is a big deal every morning.

It’s a Lifestyle which will gradually changed completely. Why will it change? We will wake up early in the morning. Take out one hour. Throughout the day we will think right and so all our work will get done sooner. So we will come back home earlier. We will even remain light after coming. There will be no conflicts are differences at home because we will always think right. We will have an early dinner and sleep early. Early to bed… What is the slogan we all heard in childhood? Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.

Late to bed? That was not told. They thought we will give them one line and they will live accordingly. We need to complete the rest of the slogan. Late to bed and early to rise will make a man… Unhealthy… You can complete the rest of it. Rajyoga meditation is a Lifestyle. It’s not a 10 or 15 minute meditation. It is a Lifestyle. Which will bring back everything to a Satvik state, which they should all be in. Because we use a meditative Lifestyle.

There are two ways of Living – one is the life of a Yogi and other of a Bhogi. Bhogi Lifestyle means ‘ bhogna’, which means suffering. And Yogic Lifestyle means even as we do everything Our state of mind remains yogic – pure and divine. So actually the word is not to think right. We can manage to think right. Important is now to think pure, think divine.

Yogi life means think divine, no matter what. And then that divinity will envelope and overpower the universe.  And collectively we will change this from a Kalyugi world to a Satyugi world. Mumbai is a special city. The whole country copies what happens in Mumbai. New fashion begins from here. So why not create a fashion which the whole country will copy. To purify ourselves why not start eating a Satvik diet? At least that contribution we need to make, isn’t it?

What is there in the energy of such food? Just think. When an animal is kept captive in a slaughterhouse for 15 days, what is the vibration of that slaughterhouse? What is the animal witnessing for those 15 days there? That animal knows what will happen to it. What emotions will it create for those 15 days? Hatred, sadness, pain, anger, cruelty   Helplessness, violence, and then death. Then it comes as food on our plate. And we say it gives taste and health. What happened to our responsibility? For the sake of taste, we are eating food that has vibrations of violence.  Then do we have the right to say anything about anybody else? We don’t have the right. We need to bring a change in ourselves. As is the food, so will be the mind.

If we need a clean mind then our food needs to be pure. After eating impure food the mind cannot become pure. That food may have proteins but it also has an animal’s pain. It has someone’s hatred, pain and helplessness. No matter what other people say, we need to change our Karma. So pure money and pure food. If we set aside one hour for ourselves every morning and feel the mind with God’s wisdom  And charge the soul with meditation  Then even the mind becomes Satvik. The body will be perfect. How will our destiny be? Perfect. Our destiny is in our hands. And even if one person in the family adopts a yogic Lifestyle  Even if one person does it  Then their vibrations will start purifying the vibrations at home. That is certain.

Everyone at home need not also do. It has to start with one. Just think about what happens if a yogi soul comes to stay in your house for 3 days. Will there be a change in the environment of your home or not? Will, you not feel the changes? We travel to distant places to meet such souls. To take their blessings for 1 minute, we travel long distances. Why not we become like them  So that when people meet us, their life changes. Why can we not be like that? We need to become that one person. Living at home with family, managing career or business, and leading a yogi life.

Yogi life does not mean we abandon home. No. Yogi is about here in the mind. Whose every thought is pure and clean.  Whose every word is a blessing. Because of your thoughts and words, your children’s destiny will change. Because you are living the yogic life which empowers them. So one person in every home.

That one person will purify that home. He will clean the thoughts of everyone in that house. When you wake up in the morning and meditate even for 10 minutes at home  The energy at your home gets cleaned. Children get pure energy when they wake up, so their mental battery gets charged. The Destiny of the entire house will change. Because of one person’s Karmas.

Important is only to decide – I am that one. In Rajyog, God gives the knowledge About the soul and its 7 original qualities. God also gives His own introduction. Using which we can connect to God, the Supreme Soul Experience of a beautiful relationship with Him. Yogi life means while doing every Karma  There is an internal relationship established with God. So there is no possibility of doing wrong Karma. It is just not possible. Such a person is called a Karmayogi. We say – I am Karmayogi. But most of us are you working. Simply working doesn’t make us a Karmayogi. Remaining mentally in the state of a yogi and then doing everything – then it’s a Karmayogi. A Bhogi cannot be called a Karmayogi. If they create tension and anger at work and then call themselves Karmayogi.  That is not Yogi. Lifestyle means every Karma in the state of a yogi.

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And the third most important point shared by God This is the time for the world to change. The world is going to change. And we have to change, to change the world. Sanskars create the Sansar (world). If we want to change the world  We need to change our Sanskars. First, we need to change our world. And then the rest of the world will change. Now when we go back home  From which era had we come in? We had come to a Kalyugi state. In what state will we go back from here? Satyugi. Sure?

When you enter your home now after the programme Your family members will say – You have come so late, it is past dinner time, I was so hungry. How should you respond? In a Satyugi way. The moment you respond in a Satyugi way, you emerge their purity also. Using your peace, you will emerge the peace in them also. Otherwise we usually say – Because of their irritation I started feeling irritated. One of them is going to happen for sure.

Either my irritation will get emerged because of their irritation  Or else  My peace will emerge their peace. We have a choice in every Karma, whether to win or lose. If their irritation images our irritation, we failed. They overpowered us. And if we were peaceful and made them peaceful, we won. Our energy overpowered their energy. Their energy will over power another person.

Gradually there will be a ripple effect and we are going to create a peaceful world. But this cannot happen in one day. We need to practice it every single day. Let us do a homework for 24 hours. For 24 hours, remind yourself after every hour – I am a Satyugi soul. Pure, divine, peaceful, calm Every word I speak is a blessing. Set an alarm to ring after every 1 hour on your phone.

Brahma Kumaris has developed beautiful mobile app called traffic control. You can download that app your phone. It is called traffic control. If you install that on your phone, after every hour a pleasant music plays. And you will remember that one hour is up. If you pause even for 30 seconds after every hour And remind yourself – I am a Satyugi soul. Pure, peaceful, powerful. It will work on you for the next 59 minutes. After an hour the alarm will again ring and we will again reaffirm. Within a few days it will become our natural Sanskar. We will change. And when we take out that one hour every morning for ourselves. 

The power battery starts to get charged gradually. And they will take us towards Pure thinking, pure words and beautiful Karma.  That will become certain. Come, let’s create those 24 hours on our mind, right now.

How many of you have not come to the Brahma Kumaris centre to learn meditation? Okay. Since we are going to take out that one hour every morning We will start tomorrow. Ready to do it from tomorrow? Yes. Let us not postpone it. Doing it instantly brings maximum benefits. If we think we will do it later or some other day, our energy will go down. You can come to the centre from tomorrow. There are three-time slots. So that you can choose what suits you. Choose one hour from any of the three slots. 7:00 a.m., 4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. By chance none of these suit you, any day anytime. Nothing can be easier than this. Come any day, anytime. Sisters are always ready and available to teach us meditation.

So let us begin from tomorrow. You have the centre address too. Choose any time convenient to you. Those who live around this area can come to the centre. If you live elsewhere, you can go to your nearest centre on any day at any time. Attend for one week and learn the technique of meditation. Once we learn it, we will practice it daily and purify our energy. Sure? Yes. We will no longer say why is this happening in this world and who will change the world? Who will change the world? We will do it. God has descended, to change this world. Along with Him, we will certainly change Kalyug to Satyug.

Let us look at the homework for the next 24 hours. Sit back, straight. We will look at the next 24 hours. We will prepare ourselves for it.


I the being, energy  Which thinks, which feels  Which creates karmas  It’s I. I am the master  My every thought is my choice. My every word and every Karma are my choices. I am emotionally independent. I am not dependent on anyone. It’s my choice. I am a pure soul. A divine being. I am pure and clean. My mind is clean. I am a satyugi being. My every thought is clean. No matter how someone behaves  It is their Karma. My responsibility is  My choice. I need to empower them too. I need to heal them too. I need to clean them too. Bring someone on the screen of your mind. Whose behaviour you do not feel is right. Compassion for them. Their mind is disturbed and so they are behaving this way. They are disturbed and sad. It is their state of mind. I am a Satyugi being. The Supreme Soul God is an Ocean of Purity. I have the power of God who is the Ocean of Purity. My thoughts and behaviours are my own creation. Visualise yourself with that person  Stable, calm, compassionate. An attitude of empathy towards them. Remember God and radiate power to them. That person is in pain. Release the past. Keeping them on the mind stains the mind. Energy gets depleted. My responsibility is to take care of my mind. I need to keep my mind clean. I need to make this world beautiful. I am a Satyugi being, pure and divine. For the next 24 hours  I, the powerful being I will use my power in my every thought and every Karma. Visualise your next 24 hours. What all do you need to do? And see yourself doing it, remaining pure, powerful A Yogi soul. Powerful and empowering others too. No matter what happens  Stable, peaceful Stable, pure From today, 1 hour every morning  Is for myself.  To charge myself. To charge my family. To change this world. My one hour is for myself. 

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