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Adipurush is one of the much-awaited movies of 2023. It’s a mega-budget movie, according to the different news outlets it is claimed that the “Adipurush” budget is around 700 cr. Now it is the most expensive movie in India. Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, and Saif Ali Khan are in the lead role in the film. The movie is based on the “RAMAYANA”. Therefore the story is already known to everyone but people might go to see the execution of the story. The filmmaker would have gone through so much pressure because the “Ramayana” is emotions to most Indian Families. Here, in this movie, Lord Rama is called Raghav, Sita Mata as Janaki, Hanuman as Bajrang and Ravana as Lankesh.


The Adipurush trailer is mesmerizing and fabulous. Most of the frames are like wallpapers. You can screenshot and keep it as wallpaper. The characters are so promising. Every flaw which was in the teaser has been removed and which is very nice for us as the audience.

Adipurush characters are also looking very promising. Prabhas as Raghav is perfect. Though many people are criticising its moustaches but its ok because no one can depict lord Rama. We should respect the director’s creativity. Kriti Sanon as Sita Mata is the perfect choice according to me. She is looking gorgeous. The rest of the characters are also looking good to their character. The dialogue is also good in the trailer.

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Adipurush Wikipedia By Surendra Singh Shaktawat

The scenes have been improved a lot from its teaser. Now it is clearly visible that its CGI, VFX has been improved a lot. Now we can say that it’s a mega-budget movie. The jungle is more natural. There are many scenes which are mesmerizing like- 1. When Bajrang carries a mountain. 2. And when he flew above the sea. 3. Raghava with bow and arrow. 4. Lankesh with his dialogue at the last of the trailer was also very nicely portrayed.

At last, I want to say that it’s our emotions and must watch the movie. I predict that this movie will cross every record. Hope movie Adipurush will be best movie of the year.

Adipurush Trailer

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