6 Reasons why KGF Chapter 2 smashing on the Box office

KGF Chapter 2 was one of the most awaited movie of this year 2022. For the audience, this was not just only a movie but it was emotions, actions and etc. Prashant Neel has directed this movie. After the huge success of KGF Chapter 1 director had a lot of pressure to match chapter 1. But the director has passed the litmus test because at the box office KGF 2 is already a “all-time blockbuster”. Till the date, it already crossed 929+ cr worldwide and in the Hindi circuit, it crossed 333+ cr. Here are the reasons why KGF is a BLOCKBUSTER.

1. Rocking Star Yash

After KGF Chapter 1 success Kannada superstar Yash was already accepted by Pan India. His followers increased tremendously. People could not forget his swag, actions, and dialogues. People rushed into the theater to see him again. and he didn’t let them down. This time his swag, actions, and dialogues are more intense and attractive.

2. Direction

As we all know Prashant Neel has directed this movie. But did you know KGF chapter 2 was edited by 19 years old boy? Yes, his name is Ujwal Kulkarni. This was his first movie and did a commendable job. In this movie, everything is perfect be it music, cinematography, background score, lyrics and etc. This kind of experience was never before in Indian cinema. to live this moment people rushed to the theatre. The cameraman was also new to the industry. KGF Chapter 1 was his first project. Before cinematographer, he was a photographer. So, Prashant has trusted newcomers whereas Bollywood never gives opportunities the newcomers for the megastars movies.


During corona, most of the Bollywood movie release date was postponed. Producers were afraid of the box office collection whereas south Indian cinema not only released but performed very well at the box office. Bollywood didn’t care about their loyal fans. That’s why they bend towards the south industry. In the recent past, south Indian movies like PUSHPA, RRR, BEAST, and KGF performed tremendously at the box office.

4. Story and Culture


South Indian cinema is so colourful. They are not afraid of showing their rich culture. South Indian Actors show respect towards their culture in reel life or real life, they are not ashamed of it. Whereas Bollywood stars only show their nudity, parties, walking out the airports. What younger generation learn from them? That’s why slowly people are hating Bollywood stars so much.


Bollywood movies are made only for commercial purposes. Movies like Race 3 are commercially hit but in reality, there was no story. Nowadays audiences want to see true content like Pushpa, and KGF. They provide remakes after remakes. Drishyam, Wanted, Kabir Singh all of these are remakes. Now people can watch original content online with subtitles. Like Drishaym 2 is already on Amazon Prime whereas Bollywood has not even started shooting for Drishiyam 2. Similarly, nobody wanted to see the Jersey of Shahid Kapoor only because the original Jersey is available on Youtube.

5. OTT

OTT (Over The Top) has changed Indian cinema totally. Now people can watch any content of the world, in their own languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu etc. Korean dramas, Hollywood series or Indian series like Familyman, Squid game, Mirzapur have changed the taste of the audience. Now people really wanted to see true content. They can wait for good content but they cannot waste their money in the theatres.

Bollywood should work on its story/scripts rather than promoting its movies. If the story is great then people themselves will promote their movies.

6. Humbleness

All of the south Indian actors show their gratitude to the public. They do Namashkara. They give talks to their fans and spend time. This humbleness is not with the Bollywood so-called stars. Most of them are arrogant and rude. They show their attitude toward fans, slap media persons and many things which cannot be discussed. In this south Indian actors are winning the hearts of the North Indian audience. Stars like Ram Charan, Jr NTR, Allu Arjun or Yash shows their gratitude towards the audience and they are very humble.

So these are a few reasons why Bollywood is lagging behind nowadays. Hope our stars come up with great stories.

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