Breakups are the most painful situation in life. Emotional breakdown, mental trauma, friends or family pressure, depression. It is difficult to believe that person you loved so much is gone now, from your life. You feel like dying but remember one thing: morning comes only after night.  “Raat ke baad hi savera aata hai”. It’s all about the experience which will give you strength for the upcoming life. Believe me, after that painful incident no one literally no one can hurt you anymore. You come out as a better person with a different variant.

You can do a few steps during a breakup to calm down your mind. It may give you relief immediately. These steps are based on my personal experience. Trust me you will get out of that mental trauma in lightning speed. 

1. Talk to your Friends/Family

In your whole life, you have made some good friends or maybe someone in your family who is your friend to you. Like- Mousi, Didi, or Bhaiya. Maybe you fought with them because of your ex-relationship. Maybe miserably you mistreated them but I guarantee you that they will come back to you in your bad time. But you have to know whether they were besties or very close ones. If mistakenly you contact a person who is not a good friend, please don’t tell her/him whole things at once. What I mean to say is don’t tell everything at once to anyone whether good or bad friends. Tell everything slowly and steadily. Just talk to people.

2. AVOID TINDER after a breakup

At that moment “Pyar Ke badle no Pyar”. That means don’t bring short love to divert yourself. When you recover you’ll feel so guilty about how many people you had a physical relationship with. Maybe you cannot overcome this casual relationship. Maybe you feel happy at that moment but you’ll be back to that depression stage. we should always try to overcome it fully, not partially.


Meditation keeps you calm from the inside. It is the best way to detox your mind. Initially, you may feel that this is rubbish and nothing can give you calm without your Ex-lover. Your mind may roam around. While sitting maybe you only think of your past and how you used to get out with your loved ones. 

Firstly, you should sit straight on the ground and after that only focus on your breathing. Just exhale in and exhale out. watch your breath with your third eye. After practising this you may proceed with other meditation or do the same for the whole time. 


The law of attraction means believing whatever you want in your life. Initially, it’s very difficult to believe but with practice, it will be part of your life. So, I am suggesting some techniques which require less belief but with positive results.

A. HO’OPONOPONO Technique – In this technique you have to say just four sentences. 

       “I AM SORRY


        THANK YOU 

        AND I LOVE YOU”

These four sentences are magical. It heals your soul and mind from the inside. No matter what (breakup) It will erase your pain, your storming frustrations, and your relationships with anyone. In short, this will definitely heal you.


Be grateful for everything that you have in your life. Be it your life, be it, friends, be it trees you see, etc. Whatever you see, you should be grateful. Take one diary and write everything that you have or wish to be part of in your life. For example- “ Thank you (Universe) and I am so grateful for my peaceful mind”, “Thank you and am so grateful for money”


Exercises are the best way to divert your mind. Instead of doing tinder do some rigorous exercise to divert your mind. A healthy body keeps your mind healthy. That’s why we should take a good diet and do exercise. I am linking some exercises to be fit. It will really help out with your breakup. 

EXERCISEBerhampur Physical Academy


You are on the earth in a human form. That means, according to GOD you have done such good work in your past life that’s why you are born in human form. You should understand that nobody can love you better than yourself. You yourself are a best friend or best partner. Nobody understands you better than yourself. Get up, be thankful to yourself and do care for yourself. Do exercise, meditation as I mentioned above and before sleeping be thankful to yourself. Leave everything about breakup.

I am attaching my email below. If you have problems let me know. I am not a counsellor but if YOU want to tell you things let me know. During a breakup, one only needs to speak up and just speak up to anything or anybody whom one trusts.

Email: pk88268575@gmail.com

Thank you for reading this article. Hope it has helped you out. Do let me know in the comment section.  

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