555 rule – a powerful law of attraction technique

The 555 rule is one of the techniques to manifest our wishes. This is also one of the powerful Law of Attraction (LOA) techniques. We use LOA to heal ourselves, to get mental peace, to get an abundance of money or love or etc. This technique can fulfil every wish that comes into your brain. I was depressed for months and finally, I used a 555 rule and did a gratitude journal to make my mind calm. To get out of that situation, and to heal myself. I used this technique. After practising for a few weeks I felt good and to date, I am practising this to get others’ wishes too. 

What is the 555 rule

555 rule – The first two “55” denote that we have to write our affirmations (wishes) 55 times and the last “5” (five) denotes that we have to do it for 5 days. LOA is all about faith, and trust in the universe abundantly. You have to act as if it is already happening. This technique is so powerful that sometimes you’ll get results instantly. But sometimes you have to wait for a while. At that moment don’t panic that you are not getting results or don’t lose your faith. Because sometimes UNIVERSE or ANGELS have to align everything according to you. So, you have to behave like it is already happening and yes it will be fulfilled accordingly. 


  1. Paper- Remember one thing do not write on your phone or tablet/computer. Go to an old school. Take a journal or diary to write your affirmations. It would be better if it is used only for 555 rules. 
  2. Pen- It is your belief that you fulfil your affirmations but if you use a particular pen for particular affirmations it will escalate your intentions faster. But it is not mandatory. So, which colour pen you should use for intentions? Here, colour means the colour of your ink, not the pen’s body. So the following are the ink that should be used. 

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  • BLUE – Creativity, Faith.
  • RED – Ambition, Passion
  • GREEN – Health, Wealth, Growth
  • PINK- Relationship Statements (All kinds of relationships)
  • PURPLE- Spirituality, Intuitive Skills
  1. Gratitude

One should always be grateful to the universe or God for everything that we have in our life. We are waking up daily, we have food, houses, the love of our life etc. All this is in our life because of some supernatural/unseen powers. So, what I want to say is that whatever you write in your journal/diary should be in the form of gratitude. 


“Thank you universe for this abundance of money in my life.” 

“I am so grateful to you because more and more money is coming into my life.”  

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  1. Affirmations / Intentions

First, you have to write short affirmations. It should be in a one-liner or a maximum of two liners because you have to write it 55 times. Be short and accurate to your intentions. The following are a few examples.


  • I am seeing my dreams of success coming true. thank you
  • Thank you universe, I’m a brilliant author.
  • thank you universe I am the best seller amazon author.


  • I am now open to giving and receiving love.
  • The Universe is bringing my soulmate to me.
  • I am releasing my fears and embracing love.

BLUE ink Pen – FAITH

  • I am walking by faith in God
  • I am moving in the right direction. Thank you.
  • God is always with me.

Blue ink Pen – CREATIVE

  • My ideas are innovative, useful and acknowledged.
  • Being creative makes me feel so alive. 


  • Thank you. I am climbing the steps towards success.
  • My business is growing by leaps and bounds. 
  • I am capable of growth in my professional life. 


  • I am experiencing financial abundance. 
  • I am accepting my financial success. Thank you universe.
  • I am open to receiving abundant wealth. 
  1. TIMING to do 555 rule

Do it for five days without any gap. It is recommended to do it at a particular time every day. like if you are writing your affirmations at 7 AM morning then write it for five days around  7 AM only. 

This 555 rule technique only requires your faith. And one more thing DO ONE INTENTIONS AT ONCE. After writing one intention, take one day’s break and do another one. You just write and leave for the universe. Everything will be fulfilled just by believing in yourself.

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