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Each of you identifies just one situation from your life right now. Look for any one thing. Your nature, your health. A conflict in one of your relationships Someone is troubling you a little in life. There is some problem in your job Correct your vocabulary about that situation today. Bring down the magnitude of that situation. And you rise way above that situation. I am a pure, powerful Divine being. I am the child of the all-powerful God. My thoughts manifest my reality.

I manifest my destiny. In my life there is a small scene right now And I am certain My success is guaranteed. My health is perfect. My relationships are beautiful. My family is united. Success is certain for me. As you keep repeating this Our own vibration Will start rising way above the vibration of the situation. Let us set our thought based on our individual, personal situation. Okay.

How many of you were able to do it? It was easy? Easy. Was it easy or not? Yes or no? Easy? Can you do it everyday? Yes you can. When we create a very high vibration thought for any situation. This is called as giving a blessing. Blessing means high vibration thought Dua means a blessing. If we bless every thing and every situation If we bless every person If we bless our body Which means if we create high energy thoughts and words for everyone What will happen to everything around? When everything here in the mind is a high energy How will everything here become? They will all become fine. Blessing is not something to be given only on occasions.

Blessing is not meant to be given only on festivals, birthdays, Diwali or Eid. Our every thought and every word should be a blessing. When blessing becomes our language Then this world will change and there will be heaven on earth. We talk about making this planet a Paradise. Heaven means high vibration collective consciousness. What is paradise? What is heaven? Highest vibration. How will the highest vibration get created? When there is the highest vibration here in all of us. Blessing for everyone Sometimes the vibrations of our words go to a very low state.

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These days we even use abusive language at times. We do use abusive languages isn’t it? None of us here have abusive language in our vocabulary. Do we? Raise your hand if you have the habit of using a few low vibration words here and there. Raise your hand, it’s okay. We will check and we will finish them right now. Some of those words become so common That we won’t even remember it is abusive language Because they have become a part of a vocabulary.

Young children today are picking up such words from the friends at school. Our language. Our words create our world. We will speak high energy words and The language of our family – language means the language of thoughts And language of words Our language has energy. The more we elevate the quality of our language Throughout the day check the words you use, which are low energy. We will eliminate them today and change your vocabulary. It is so easy to learn a new language. It can be learnt at any age. What are the low energy words in our vocabulary? Share them.

Low energy words. Impossible. Very good. We say – It is impossible, I cannot do it. Low energy word. I have no time – low energy word. I am very busy – low energy word. Even if you just once a day that I am very busy. The energy of the word busy is of turbulence here. That energy of turbulence radiates to the body and creates turbulence there.

People at home and at work receive our energy of turbulence as – this person is very busy. And it spreads throughout the environment – busy, busy, busy… Our Dadi Janki ji. Do you know her age? She is over 103 years. At this age of 103 Even now she has gone to London. She had been there last month too. Last month we went to Dubai, and from Dubai to London. She went from London to New York. She came back to London. She came to India. After landing in Delhi came down to South India. From there she went to Mount Abu. 15 days later she went to London. She is doing all this at the age of 103+.

How many centres is she managing? 8,500. Besides, she is managing 40,000 to 50,000 surrendered sisters. Apart from that, there are lakhs of families. She has taught us one word And even in her vocabulary she will never, ever say And never allow us to say I am busy. I am busy – it is a low vibration word. And she replaced it for us. She said you always have to think and speak I am light, I am easy. Work as hard as you want. Engage in Seva for 18 out of 24 hours. But don’t do it with energy – I am busy. Being Busy or easy is not about how much we are working. Some people are at home, retired from service. They don’t have much to do. But no one else seem as busy as them. They keep saying – I have no time, I am very busy.

Low vibration vocabulary. Today we will just surrender that word here. How are we all? I am easy. How much time do we have? I have a lot of time. Just try this experiment. Everyday just think and say to yourself – I have a lot of time… I have a lot of time. I have a lot more time than I need for my work. I have time for my family. I have time for myself. Within a few days you will start seeing it happen. That you will have more time than you will need. It is an energy relationship we have with time.

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Let us respect time. Respect time and time will respect you. Reach before time, everywhere. You will then create a beautiful relationship with time. Even if it gets stuck someday, everything will change in your favour so that you reach on time. Because it becomes the responsibility of time, to ensure you reach on time. Because you have always respected time. We need to have a very beautiful relationship with time. The energy with mind, with body, with people Just like we have relationship with people. We also have a relationship with time We also have a relationship with nature. You respect nature and nature will take care of you.

You take care of water and water will never harm you. You take care of electricity and it will not betray you. Relationship even with matter or physical objects. If you take care of everything It should not be that you throw it somewhere, leave it somewhere, drop it somewhere… Which means we have not respected it. When we start respecting things Those things will take care of us. It is a relationship. Everything is a relationship. So I am very easy. I have lot of time. Any other negative, low energy vibration word? Tension is an emotion. Let us list out low energy vocabulary. I am tired. If you just repeat it 5 times as – I am tired… It becomes the reality.

Thoughts manifest our destiny. And then create one thought as I am fresh. I am energetic. Even if someone asks if we are tired, tell them – Tired? Not at all. Do we even look tired? Don’t say hello energy word and don’t let others speak low-energy word about you. What Dadi ji does when her health is not good is Because when the body is held in 3 years old, there will be a few things sometimes.

But by the next morning there will be some magic and it will be fine. So today if she is not well and doctors would have come to check The mistake we make is We go to her the next day And ask her – Dadi ji how is your health now? She looks at us She says you spoke negatively about my health? You asked me how I am feeling. Am I looking ill? Why did you say so? Which means do not create a low energy word. It is not a blessing. We should not give anyone the opposite of blessing. Even if somebody health is very bad Just create one thought for them Your health is perfectly fine. God’s blessings and our good wishes are with you. You are perfect… You are perfect… When they get so many blessings.

The energy reaches here and radiates to the body. So the body starts healing. But if there is a little pain in the body And if 5 people keep saying – she is in pain, she is in pain, she is in pain… What will happen? Then that pain will settle down and remain there. Because everyone is talking about it, so it starts increasing. Do not focus on the lower energies. Our thoughts manifest our reality. Today we have reversed that equation. Whatever you see, do not think of that.

Think of what is the reality you want to see, as happening tomorrow, If you look at these flowers, even if they have slightly wilted We can see that they have wilted slightly If 2,000 of us start creating a thought It is wilting, it is drying, up it is fading… What will happen to the flowers? It will wilt. But if 2000 of us give it a blessing What blessing should we give, when the flower is wilting? Bless it, give it a blessing. These flowers are fresh and fragrant. It’s so many people give this blessing, whatever is the state of the flower, it will stop there. It will not wilt further.

The wilting will stop. And gradually it will start looking better. You can experiment this at home in your garden with plants, vegetables and fruits. At the Brahma Kumaris there is a beautiful project called Yogic Kheti. Yogic kheti. Which means meditation is done in the agricultural fields. Meditating in the field We give God’s vibration to the vegetables fruits and pulses growing there. Today government is monitoring that project. There are no chemicals added to anything there. And more importantly the produce that comes – the fruits or vegetables. Its size, colour, and more importantly the taste It is different because it has high vibration collective energy while it is growing. This is actual and not theory. It is a proof also Of how powerful the mind is. There is another project at Mount Abu.

Reversal of coronary artery disease. If there is a blockage in the heart And doctor has asked to undergo bypass surgery. Somebody advised them to come to Mount Abu and experiment for a week, before going for the surgery. So they come to Mount Abu for a week. They bring their spouse or family member along. For one week, through meditation, Lifestyle changes And through thought power and visualisation They see how to dissolve that blockage in the heart. Doctor APJ Abdul Kalam Ji had got this project started at Mount Abu, along with DRDO.

Everything is documented well even today. It is documented and the result is More than 95% of the people have reversed that coronary artery blockage. It is gone. And when they come the next year – they are the same people who could not climb one floor stairs last time They come there and offer Seva. They also share their experiences and take care of others. What does it involve? For one week they stay at Mount Abu and learn the technique. And after going back they have to follow that Lifestyle for 6 months. Lifestyle is not just about diet and exercise.

Lifestyle in terms of thinking. When we say this is a Lifestyle disease Life means here, because our life resides here. We need to change the style of this life a little bit. So there is proof that thoughts can change our feelings. Thoughts can change our health. Thoughts create our relationships. Thoughts influence nature. The climate change that we are seeing today The scientific community around the World is looking at how to save the environment. How to save the planet?

People are releasing statistics About the number of years our planet will survive, at this rate. So in that direction we are saving water. Which is very good. We are getting rid of plastic. Very important. But all of these will be successful only when We simultaneously bring about a change here (mind). Because climate, planet. and nature are getting created from here. From here. If we are saving water outside, but if we have not eliminated stress, hatred, and pain from here The environment cannot become pure or Satvik. 

Note – This article is based on the lecture of BK Shivani ji. for any copyright issues please contact or comment below.

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